[RFI] Check your (new) line cords.

Leonard Halvorsen lhalvors at pppl.gov
Mon Nov 11 12:51:07 EST 2019

*Just got this safety bulletin at work...If there are problems with the
linecordson equipment from this company, you can*

*bet there are problems on others, too,including replacement cords that you
maypurchase separately. *

Stanford Research Systems (SRS) 21 October 2019

Defective AC Power Line Cord Issue: Details

This document provides details on a serious safety issue affecting some
instruments shipped from SRS in September and October of 2019. The problem
is in some detachable AC power line cords: a black 7′6′′ cord with a NEMA
5/15P “three prong” plug, terminated with an IEC320-C13 connector for
mating with power-entry modules (see photographs, below). SRS has received
two field reports of defective AC power line cords. No injuries have been

The defective cords show no visible evidence of distress, damage. When
electrically tested, it was found that the LINE and GROUND leads were
internally swapped between the plug and C13 terminals. None of the lines
appeared shorted to any other lines. Since chassis ground of SRS
instruments is electrically tied to the ground terminal of the power entry
module, the mis-wired cord, when used with an SRS instrument, will cause the
instrument’s outer metal covers to come to 120 VAC line voltage the moment
the power cord is plugged into a wall socket. This created a severe
electrical shock hazard which may put users at risk of injury or death.

Cords exhibiting this failure will show as open-circuit (high impedance)
when measuring the continuity between the round ground terminal on the
plug, and the center ground terminal on the C13 connector. Unaffected cords
will always show continuity between the ground terminals.

As shipped by SRS, the cords are included coiled with the instrument, in
the same shipping box.

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