[RFI] FCC Complaint Filing

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Thanks Kurt,

I started an "Informal complaint" as the FCC's website implied that's where
you start.  I can certainly file a "Formal" complaint, however that requires
an upfront fee of $250 as well as legal representation at some point in the
process for both parties.  If I get no response from the informal complaint,
then I will continue down that road.

Brad, N8GLS


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"Thus the reason for the FCC complaint as I see no other recourse."

Generally speaking, having worked with numerous agencies, at various levels,
for many years, I highly suggest a "Formal" complaint to start.  
You will get a written verification, with a case number that will be
followed up upon, will pop up within the system at regular intervals, not be
closed until you inform them to do so after complete resolution, and may
even be audited (this is a good thing, for you, if there are problems within
the agency).  I have done this many times, with excellent results, it's how
the system works.

"Informal" typically equates to, forgotten as soon as the phone is hung up,
or tossed in the round file, if even noted, the idea being, if you aren't
serious, they certainly won't be, which usually means, little effort made,
if any, will probably never be followed up on, or thought of again, and not
something that will be caught up in an audits.  It's like, "Hey!  I got a
problem! (Spend an hour describing it, notes, photos, recordings, maybe
tears in the eyes...)".  Response from the almost always minimum wage, part
time intern at the front counter rarely concerned beyond when the next
break, or paycheck is, that picked up the phone on a slow day: "Huh.  Yeah.
OK."  I have done this many times (the complaint part), never with any
desired result, it's how the system works.

"I did again last night reach out to the ARRL for any possible intervention"

Again?  I thought the ARRL jumped on this stuff.

FCC.  Good, get the ball rolling, formally, then, while that is churning
away, try more "diplomacy" through other routes.  If that works in a few
weeks, or months, great, and you can tell the FCC it's been resolved.  
If not, you're days, weeks, or months ahead of the game for a formal action.

Slowest, yet most affective method first to save time.  Good tactic!

Please keep us posted on ARRL response.


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