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Good point.  I hate to spend the money but think I may need a Spectrum Analyzer.  This is an RFI mess up here, these lights would be one of twenty interference issues.  I have two other sources of broadband noise needing to be found, all the others are harmonics scattered up and down the band(s).  The analyzer would be a help in sorting this all out as well as giving me some relevant and credible data.


Brad, N8GLS


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We have a lot of police and public safety on frequencies in the 150MHz range around here - if you can hear it up a little above 2m it may be worth mentioning that on any FCC filing. Interference with police band is likely to get a little more attention than interference with an amateur station.



Sean WA1TE


On Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 2:45 PM Joe <nss at mwt.net <mailto:nss at mwt.net> > wrote:

If this neighbor is honestly really not going to co-operate.

And you don't care if he remains neighborly, Try hitting him with this.

Nicely say I have been nice trying to work with you on this issue. The 
fix is relatively inexpensive. But you don't seem to care.

So it leaves me no other option to get the FCC involved. And I will 
start to make a LOG starting today showing your interference to a 
Federally licensed station.

I hope your pretty lights are worth this much to you, and hand him what 
the penalties are for causing this interference.

I found a summary, but probably find the actual real item to give to 
him.  but...

The Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and the *FCC's* Rules 
authorize a base *fine* of $7,000 for each day an entity causes 
*interference* to *authorized stations*.Oct 17, 2019

Tell him this is 7 thousand dollars for each and every day you continue 
to interfere with my federally licensed station.

1 week? Thats 49 Thousand dollars for each week. Are those lights that 
important to you?

The Original Rolling Ball Clock
Idle Tyme
On 11/22/2019 11:20 AM, KD7JYK DM09 wrote:
> "Thus the reason for the FCC complaint as I see no other recourse."
> Generally speaking, having worked with numerous agencies, at various 
> levels, for many years, I highly suggest a "Formal" complaint to 
> start.  You will get a written verification, with a case number that 
> will be followed up upon, will pop up within the system at regular 
> intervals, not be closed until you inform them to do so after complete 
> resolution, and may even be audited (this is a good thing, for you, if 
> there are problems within the agency).  I have done this many times, 
> with excellent results, it's how the system works.
> "Informal" typically equates to, forgotten as soon as the phone is 
> hung up, or tossed in the round file, if even noted, the idea being, 
> if you aren't serious, they certainly won't be, which usually means, 
> little effort made, if any, will probably never be followed up on, or 
> thought of again, and not something that will be caught up in an 
> audits.  It's like, "Hey!  I got a problem! (Spend an hour describing 
> it, notes, photos, recordings, maybe tears in the eyes...)".  Response 
> from the almost always minimum wage, part time intern at the front 
> counter rarely concerned beyond when the next break, or paycheck is, 
> that picked up the phone on a slow day: "Huh.  Yeah.  OK."  I have 
> done this many times (the complaint part), never with any desired 
> result, it's how the system works.
> "I did again last night reach out to the ARRL for any possible 
> intervention"
> Again?  I thought the ARRL jumped on this stuff.
> FCC.  Good, get the ball rolling, formally, then, while that is 
> churning away, try more "diplomacy" through other routes.  If that 
> works in a few weeks, or months, great, and you can tell the FCC it's 
> been resolved.  If not, you're days, weeks, or months ahead of the 
> game for a formal action.
> Slowest, yet most affective method first to save time.  Good tactic!
> Please keep us posted on ARRL response.
> Kurt
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