[RFI] FCC Complaint Filing

KD7JYK DM09 kd7jyk at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 22 18:10:20 EST 2019

"I hate to spend the money but think I may need a Spectrum Analyzer.  
This is an RFI mess up here, these lights would be one of twenty 
interference issues.  I have two other sources of broadband noise 
needing to be found, all the others are harmonics scattered up and down 
the band(s).  The analyzer would be a help in sorting this all out as 
well as giving me some relevant and credible data"

It may not be that bad.  Check into some of the Software Defined Radio 
dongles, which are inexpensive, and free software.

Look into RTL-SDR on ebay, amazon, and general info on the web.  A 
relatively fancy unit is about $30 (fancier, better, et cetera go up to 
$$$$), and may be all that is needed to show noise vs. no noise, and the 
get a screen capture of the interference as heard, and within proximity 
of a source with a small antenna.  It can also help locate a source when 
turned on, clear-ish screen vs. visual nightmare when something like the 
LEDs you mention get powered up.

For added affect, imagine a video recording device, pointing at a 
computer, or tablet, with an SDR, and software running showing a 
waterfall display, and the LEDs in the background, off, then at 1700h, 
when they come on, the cluster of noise scrolling down the screen.  That 
would be pretty damning!

Some twenty plus years ago, we did it with a portable radio, Argo, 
Spectran, Spectrogram, , and similar, and either get the image in real 
time using a junk laptop, or record it for later analysis.

It doesn't have to be fancy, special, or expensive, just provide a 
visual interpretation.


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