[RFI] FCC Complaint Filing

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 24 15:55:55 EST 2019

For some years now, I've had good results chasing down interference with 
an Icom R-7000/7100,etc' , handheld wideband scanners, and even a 
Kenwood HT with wideband coverage. A remarkably simple – considering the 
effort and primitive construction – loop antenna made of  coax (semi 
rigid or even RG-58) with the end of the center conductor  terminated on 
the shield near the BNC, simply plugged into the scanner's or HT's input 
connection, let me track down the infamous 3.52 MHz AT&T "wireless" 
signals;  and that configuration even let me find some 2m powerline 
interference N0rth of Petaluma.  Its location, next to the local 
airports control tower, got *immediate* attention.

I even got a laugh out of tracking down the AT&T stuff. I'll begin by 
explaining that I junked my television set in 1997.

I had an EMCO-6511 loop antenna mag-mounted on the car roof and would 
drive around until I heard more 80m noise, and then I would go from 
house to house with my AR-8000 and the little loop, sometimes 
pinpointing the room where the "powerline modem" was plugged in.

The laugh? I noticed, as I drove around, people running out of front 
doors into  back yards, which – if steak on a barbecue needed looking at 
– might have been the reason. However, I realized it was people who 
thought it was from AT&T, tracking down unauthorized cable sharing 
during the Super Bowl.

Cortland Richmond

On 11/24/2019 13:00 PM, N8GLS wrote:
> First and foremost, thanks to all who have (and still are) offering
> comments, ideas, and suggestions.
> I will look at an SDR dongle to aide in what appears will be a long and
> daily pursuit of local interference causing devices.   Still looking at
> spectrum analyzers as they apparently have come way down in price since I
> last looked (too many years ago).  Surprising less than or equal to some of
> the SDR defined radios I own, so can't say one wouldn't be a worthy
> addition.
> I have to go back and read the listing standards for these lighting devices
> to see just what the requirements are.  I think those devices fall under a
> category allowing self-certification.  There were no "FCC" markings on the
> device anywhere, but again, the standard(s) may not require any marking at
> all.  They were an ETL listed device and I still know a few people there and
> will get in touch them this week to see what tests were or were not
> performed.
> As for this whole process, it's a bit disheartening actually.  I have no
> blame for any agency or organization and really my only complaint is that of
> my own impatience.  I certainly will be advocating for better and easier to
> acquire documentation explaining the process.  I thank those that have
> published articles and presentations as those provided insight, knowledge
> and hope, if not just solace in knowing somebody else has been down this
> road.
> Thanks all and I'll post updates as they transpire,
> 73, Brad N8GLS
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