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It probably depends on the agency and if they have in-house technicians or if they outsource tech support whether they can respond to and track down an interfering source right away or not.  But the trunking systems will alarm if a channel is getting interference and will remove a channel from service if the interference is chronic or sustained.  

Our experience with our 800Mhz ORION-shared, trunked radio system in Nebraska is if the system controller doesn't remove a channel from service right away, then the public safety radio subsystems may notice coverage degradation earlier than our utility does since their sites are designed for indoor portable radio coverage while our utility only has mobile radio coverage on our subsystem.  Old cellular boosters are the usual culprit that gets into an 800Mhz radio system causing a channel to alarm and then be removed from service by the controller. 

Radio users will not notice anything most of the time since a chronically bad channel won't be assigned to the users of a trunked radio system.  

Back during the analog days, we've had local TV and radio studio links' with bad harmonics drift into the 800Mhz band, but those were easy to identify and find since the broadcast ID made it clear who it was.  Those would be harder to locate in today's digital world unless you use a multi-digital mode receiver like in certain test sets/monitors.  

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You guys that are more familiar with public service digital systems 

(fire police EMS etc) than me maybe can enlighten me. Would these 

sources of RFI that we track for our ham analog systems not interfere 

with digital systems? But maybe go unnoticed since the users of the 

digital may not even notice since the RFI just de-senses the digital 

system to where the range is limited but what does go through is still 

clear? And that limited range could affect vital communications?

That to me makes us tracking down interference immensely important does 

it not? Its like we are doing a free public service. And the FCC should 

back us up, if by just stern letters, for this reason if not for 

ourselves (which they should).

Just a thought.




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