[RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update

Joe nss at mwt.net
Wed Oct 30 10:20:57 EDT 2019

I wonder how much it has to do with the installers.

The level of quality installers. Both in workmanship as well as components?

Reason saying, is My Son works for a LARGE Solar system installer. And I 
asked him about this and he says they have never had an complaint yet. 
And they use Solar Edge Components. BUT they use the top of the line of 
their components also. and they cost a LOT! The panels are dirt cheap 
like 10% of the cost of a complete system. the rest of the support 
system is the BIG BUCKS.

Maybe these noisy systems are using the less expensive level parts?

In the picture below the upper right is my house, and the lower left is 
a LARGE system he installed this spring. IT"s BIG,

Two rows of panels each 16 feet high and 120 feet wide.

And there has been zero noise floor issues.  And this site is QUIET!!!!

I turn the radio off in disgust if my S meter does not sit at S-0 where 
there is no signals.

The only noise source I have is my own stinking plasma TV.

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On 10/30/2019 7:46 AM, WW3S wrote:
> It’s not just the west coast.... I never thought I’d see it here in NW PA but now I have one directly across the street from me.....solar edge says they’ll be out as soon as they get the parts, not holding my breath.....
> Side note: during WWII, we had a huge TNT plant built here.....why?!?! Because the meteorologists determined that our location was one of the cloudiest in the US and would prevent bombing raids....true story !!
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>> On Oct 30, 2019, at 8:18 AM, Dave Cole <dave at nk7z.net> wrote:
>> Tony,
>> It is a crying shame you have to go through this...  My wife and I were considering a move to Arizona.  Among the reasons we did not move-- the number of solar installations in Arizona, there seems to be one or two, on every block.
>> I would rather fight the grow lights in Oregon, than the solar in Arizona, as there appears to be far more Solar installations in Arizona, than grow lights in Oregon.
>> Thank you for posting these updates, it helps others, and it has helped me to decide where to live...  THANK YOU, and sorry you have to go through this...
>> 73, and thanks,
>> Dave (NK7Z)
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>>> On 10/29/19 11:25 PM, Tony wrote:
>>> All:
>>> Quick update regarding my RFI case with SolarEdge:
>>> My neighbor contacted Tesla to negotiate the removal of his leased solar panels for various reasons, one of which being the RFI that's been affecting my station since 2016.
>>> They said they would remove the system for the reasons he mentioned if he agreed to pay for the remainder of his 20 year contract which is about $24,000. They went on to say that the RFI issue is a "neighbor dispute" and neither Tesla or the manufacturer SolarEdge bear any responsibility for the interference.
>>> There was no mention of FCC compliance or the fact that I filed a complaint with SolarEdge in 2016 which is on record with Tesla. To add insult to injury, I was told that Tesla has been dragging their feet for months before they act on a request from SolarEdge to provide a crew so that they can resolve the issue.
>>> Needless to say, it's a shame there isn't any recourse to hold Tesla liable not acting in good faith. I filed a complaint with the FCC several months ago which I'm hoping will yield results.
>>> Tony -K2MO
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