[RFI] Anyone have any luck with RF-proofing CenturyLink Fiber?

Hisashi T Fujinaka htodd at twofifty.com
Thu Apr 9 01:11:41 EDT 2020

I swear I saw something about this somewhere but I can't find it in the
archives. I just switched to CenturyLink fiber and even though it's all
the way on the other side of the house from the HF antenna, it goes
offline every time I transmit on FT8.

I put a ferrite on the router power supply, but I think it's the box
that takes the fiber and turns it into signals on copper. I'll do some
more experimenting but has anyone had any issues with RF and their fiber


Todd K7EMI

Hisashi T Fujinaka - htodd at twofifty.com
BSEE + BSChem + BAEnglish + MSCS + $2.50 = coffee

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