[RFI] Does anyone recognize this RFI?

Eddie Edwards eddieedwards at centurylink.net
Wed Apr 15 12:02:20 EDT 2020

Without seeing the motion, hard to tell what it's really doing.  Anything with a free-running oscillator might cause that.  Those old touch controlled lamps use to make multiple drifting spikes like that and lots of noise as well with clumps of noise every so many KHz.  

Only way to know for sure what kind of device is to DF or track it down.  

73, de ed -K0iL

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The linked image shows interference that, as far as I know, is always present for me on 15m. I’m talking primarily about what is appearing between about 1400 and 2100 on the waterfall. If you look closely, you’ll see that the lines are leaning slightly to the right. They VERY slowly progress up in frequency and then back down in frequency. It appears to me that there is a spike about every 55 Hz. I have no idea what this might be.
I thought someone on here might recognize it.


Thanks and 73,
Matt, N0EYE
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