[RFI] Effectiveness of your rig's DSP on Power Line RFI

Charles Plunk af4o at twc.com
Thu Nov 19 17:25:28 EST 2020

I am considering purchase of a used or new rig with DSP under 1k. 
Looking for personal opinions on a specific rigs DSP's effectiveness to 
combat power line noise if any at all. My mode preferences are cw first, 
then digital, ssb, AM broadcast swl.

My Elecraft KX2 DSP and BHI do very little IMO for power line arc. NB's 
on my old TS830s and TenTec Triton IV (both non DSP) work pretty well 
but not perfect on consistent power line arc, intermittent arc less 

Not really interested in any responses of getting the power co to fix, 
how to locate, etc. Been through all this, looking for something to help 
filter it until a fix is effected. I suspect most answers will be DSP 
just was not designed to do that but there is hope, lol.




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