[RFI] Sunpower Solar

HP pfizenmayer at q.com
Tue Nov 24 01:06:43 EST 2020

Does anyone have any experience with a Solar installation done by a contractor for Sunpower Corporation Systems? 

I was able to track down a building permit for an installation going in about 150 feet away but the contractor on the permit 
is Sunpower Corporation Systems: and the listing is a warehouse here in Phoenix But the phone 
number is a 510-367-9864 which is around Oakland, Ca. - 

The AZ ROC numbers for that Sunpower Corporation Systems all say the license is issued to a foreign company operation in Phoenix. 
No telephone numbers there. 

Apparently Sunpower is really a supplier of solar panels worldwide and systems - but my first attempt to find anyone who knows 
from the California website anything about radio interference a or even that "contractor" was not successful -seemed pretty evasive. 
I will try a different approach tomorrow - or is the process - they finish an install and then see if noise occurs ?? 

Hank K7HP 

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