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Based on my experience, I'm also in the "stronger signal" camp.  

One example, when I had tracked down a touch lamp noise that was strongest on 20meters several years ago, I found the noise strongest in their empty garage below the touch lamp upstairs.  Spotted an extension cord plugged in the wall with nothing attached to the cord which was where the strongest noise was centered in the house.  The extension cord's outlet was on the same breaker circuit as the touch lamp.  I unplugged the extension cord and the noise became very weak.  Back at the shack, I could no longer find any RFI noise.  

Apparently the extension cord added to the house wiring equaled a 20 meter resonance that made the weak RFI noise very strong at my antennas.    

73, de ed -K0iL

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The question below came up in a recent conversation:

If a device that generates RFI at a consistent level across the HF spectrum were connected to a wire that was 1/2 wavelength at a given HF frequency, would the level of RFI be noticeably stronger at that frequency?

The consensus was that it *should* be because the device is generating RF like any other RF transmitter and the wire being 1/2 wave would act as a dipole at the resonant frequency.

Sounds plausible, but I have a feeling it's not as simple as that.


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