[RFI] Bestek True Sine Inverters

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Fri Mar 11 05:37:06 EST 2022

Does anyone have any experience with "Bestek" pure sine inverters? I am 
looking for a convenient source of AC power to keep in my truck for 
running small power tools when doing antenna working at locations where 
access to mains power is inconvenient and for camping trips. BESTEK has 
a "1000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter" for $160, a price which seems to 
good to be true. For most of the things I will use this item for, RFI 
won't be a factor, but I'd like to get something reasonably quite in 
case I ever use it to power my radios and just so I am not contributing 
to the RFI delinquency of society as a whole.

73, Mike W4EF....................

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