[RFI] New Solar Panel System Causing Grief For Hams

Tony 73guddx at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 20:18:19 EDT 2022


The list of complaints regarding solar panel RFI issues continues to 
grow. I just received yet another message from a fellow ham who is 
experiencing RFI from a GroWatt 3000TL system -- see below.

Most of the complaints I heard about over the years involve systems made 
by Solar Edge and Generac, but it looks like we can add GroWatt to the 

Tony -K2MO

Mike Dannhardt wrote:

/I just installed a GroWatt 3000TL for an offgrid system. RFI is 
horrendous! I just tried putting a 4 inch 31 mix ferrite donut on the 
battery leads. I was able to get four passes through the donut. No 
measurable suppression. So I might have to resort to disconnect the 
panels when using the rig but what a sad situation. When I'm not using 
the station I am going to be polluting the spectrum for others. I 
stunned that these manufactures do not have to comply with an FCC 
regulations. /

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