[RFI] New Solar Panel System Causing Grief For Hams

David Eckhardt davearea51a at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 20:31:18 EDT 2022

QUOTE:  "I stunned that these manufactures do not have to comply with an FCC
              regulations. "

Yep, so are most of us.  When in creation will FCC take a stand on these
RFI polluters.  It's almost across the board on suppliers of home solar
installations!!  FCC does nothing.

Take your complaints through the ARRL and their RFI division.  They are
very competent and have the right equipment to measure these polluters.
They also have the ear of the FCC when it comes to these issues.  The sad
part is that the ARRL and we who pay dues to ARRL are paying for a service
which FCC was tasked to perform - test and regulate emissions under Part
15.  Yes, the members of ARRL are paying for something FCC was originally
tasked to undertake.

Take your complaints through ARRL.  They can help, but it may take several
years or so.  They are well aware of SolarEdge and are working with them,
but still, RFI prevails with new installations.  ARRL doing the job of
FCC.....  You and I who are members are paying for that.  It should be paid
for through our tax dollars to fund the effort at FCC.  GGGRRRRRR......

Dave - W ØLEV

On Sat, Mar 26, 2022 at 12:18 AM Tony <73guddx at gmail.com> wrote:

> All:
> The list of complaints regarding solar panel RFI issues continues to
> grow. I just received yet another message from a fellow ham who is
> experiencing RFI from a GroWatt 3000TL system -- see below.
> Most of the complaints I heard about over the years involve systems made
> by Solar Edge and Generac, but it looks like we can add GroWatt to the
> list.
> Tony -K2MO
> Mike Dannhardt wrote:
> /I just installed a GroWatt 3000TL for an offgrid system. RFI is
> horrendous! I just tried putting a 4 inch 31 mix ferrite donut on the
> battery leads. I was able to get four passes through the donut. No
> measurable suppression. So I might have to resort to disconnect the
> panels when using the rig but what a sad situation. When I'm not using
> the station I am going to be polluting the spectrum for others. I
> stunned that these manufactures do not have to comply with an FCC
> regulations. /
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