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As always it seems many North Americans only understand imperatives like "must" or "shall."  

My all time favorites are the stations who sometimes sign portable and sometimes don't.  This is typically done in a pile up on rare DX working by call areas;-)

73 Larry L

--- "Gert E. Janssens" <k5ww at wcsonline.net> wrote:

The rules for SARTG say:

"NOTE: Stations operating from call areas other than their call ID, are asked to use '/x' for their actual call area, i.e. K5DJ/1."

The word "asked" often gets "misinterpreted".


Gert - K5WW

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  On 18 Aug 2003 Shelby Summerville wrote:

  >  "Don Hill AA5AU" <aa5au at bellsouth.net> wrote: "What really pushed me to
  > compete hard in the last two periods was a US station with a 5 callsign not
  > signing / portable the area he was in."
  >  Until contest sponsors make rules requiring, not suggesting, signing
  > "portable", there will be no change! Contest entrants are notorious for
  > "pushing the envelope", and, IMHO, it behooves the sponsors to "stay one
  > step ahead", not "several behind"?
  > C'Ya, Shelby

  I thought it WAS required. I had some time available last weekend, 
  and was considering operating SARTG, but decided not to when I saw 
  that rule about signing portable. International contest sponsors need 
  to realize that there are no US geographic call areas any more.  All 
  the number means is where one was first licensed, if still holding 
  the original call.  If one has have a vanity call even that isn't 
  true. I haven't lived in "2 land" since 1979 and I'm not portable!
  Barry W2UP (in PA, not portable 3)--
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