Bill Turner wrt at dslextreme.com
Tue Aug 19 09:45:57 EDT 2003

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 07:53:02 -0700, "Ken Brookner" <kenb at brookner.com>

>my preference for continental US ops is to disallow all portable signing
>during contests.  for working by numbers, i'm a '5' and i don't play
>games trying to double dip in pile-ups by also trying the 'portable 7'
>ploy.  where contests absolutely require portable signing, i generally
>don't play anymore.
>i think that would make it simpler for everyone to *not* use portable
>signage for US continental ops.  my .02.


I agree, also being "out of area".  There's nothing wrong with using
US call areas for multipliers, but since the FCC has removed the
requirement for signing portable, I see it as more of a "prefix" than
a physical location.  More like WPX, in other words.  

W7TI is my call assigned by the FCC; W7TI/6 is not.

As I recall, in some other countries the /portable designator is NOT
optional, so there it makes sense because it is the actual call.

But ultimately, it's up to the contest sponsors to make it mandatory
or not.

73, Bill W7TI/6 (sort of)

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