[RTTY] K1US - SK and Silent Keyboard

Bob Boyd nt1v at gwi.net
Tue Mar 2 22:12:53 EST 2004

I am greatly saddened to report the death of my neighbor and close
friend, Jon Harder, K1US.   (I am away in South America but my wife saw
his obituary and emailed me.)

Jon´s wife passed away on January 8.  He was of course greatly saddened
but I thought he was coping OK at the time that I left on my trip.   He
had purchased a new transceiver and was enthusiastic about a gradnson who
learning CW.  I saw Jon twice before I left on January 28, but was told
that he went to the hospital in early February and passed quite quickly.

I shall miss having coffee with him and discussing contests, hardware,

Rin peace, Jon

Bob NT1v
  Bob Boyd
  nt1v at fastmail.fm

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