[RTTY] Re:Makrothen - move it to a different weekend, please!

7L4IOU ncb02761 at nifty.com
Mon Mar 15 19:10:29 EST 2004

Hi friends 

I have trouble in English. 
Please allow impoliteness. 

I expect that the TMC will be held in 2nd weekend in March. 

Please allow my selfish opinion. 

I was bored for 3 weeks, NAQP, UKR, and NASPRINT, 
were tedious CONTEST in the Far East. 

The reason is the closed propagation which originates for a short time, and a special rule. 
I deny neither a historical meaning of these contests, nor special pleasure. 
but I think a sponsor (especially NCJ) needs to consider the setup of combination or time. 

Please check this tables.



What do you think? 

73 Hisami 7L4IOU

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