[RTTY] Rovers in the Tara Grid Dip Contest

William Magruder billmagr at msn.com
Mon Aug 1 20:11:08 EDT 2005

Mr. Bill, NY2U you forgot to include me as being the top PSK31 and RTTY Rover in last years Tara Grid Dip Contest.

This year I'm planning to run through 8 grids.  Emphasis will be on PSK31 and after I work everyone that I can hear on PSK31 I'll move up the band and search and pounce on any RTTY contesters calling CQ.

Are there going to be any RTTY Rovers out?  I hate to win top honors again with only 6 QSO's like I did last year.

GL in the Contest

Bill, KD7KST

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