[RTTY] CY0AA RTTY QRM'ed on 40 last night

jduerbusch@charter.net jduerbusch at charter.net
Tue Aug 2 13:09:39 EDT 2005

Monday evening the CY0AA DX-pedition was on 7.038 RTTY.  Boy the CW guys sure didn't like it.  There was carriers, CQ'ing and all around QRM to the RTTY signal.  I saw some of the guys get through but what a mess.

The ARRL bandplan said 7.040 for RTTY DX and for QRP CW.  I don't think the CW guys know this. It is their part of the band and they were defending it.  RTTY'er have been known to do the same thing to CW guys when they operate between 14.080 and 14.090.

I wonder what is going to happen when we go to the bandwidth mode plan?  Anyway hope that everyone that needs the CY0AA on RTTY gets them.

Joe K0BX

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