[RTTY] DXpedition Internet -> 2 meter packet

Rick Mintz Rmintz at Rochester.rr.com
Tue Aug 30 15:06:20 EDT 2005

Hi gang.

OK, so this question is not specifically RTTY, but....

I am looking to help some fellow hams set up a PacketCluster link for use in a S. Pacific DXpedition. Packet spots will come in on WiFi and must be sent 4 miles, via standard 2 meter packet, from the 20-15 meter station to the 160-80-40 meter low band station. The TNC's and radios are not an issue, but the conversion from Internet to two meter packet is.

Can anyone direct me how to obtain reliable software (free is good!) that can take Internet (WiFi) packet spots (on a Windows laptop) and send them via 2 meter packet?

IF I can get this together and IF I can break free to go on the trip (2 weeks on the island), you can look for a fairly rare one RTTY! Biggest problem is Polynesian Air shutting down operations in October. I am hoping to go, but no me, no RTTY. (The others are not RTTY ops.)

de Rick W1TY

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