[RTTY] Friedrichshafen 2005

IK1PMR rttyml at ik1pmr.com
Mon Jun 27 16:32:37 EDT 2005

  Hello Phil, tnx for your fb report.
It was nice to meet many of you again at Ham Radio.
Few pictures of the 2nd RTTY gathering are already on my web site at:
  Please send me corrections/comments via this link:
http://www.ik1pmr.com/feedback/  [no direct reply]

> I cannot remember all the people that were present, but it was a great
> pleasure to meet Patrick F6IRF, Bernd DC3HB, Heijo DJ1OJ, and a few others
> for the first time.

I'd like to say the same, it was the first time I had the pleasure to meet
them, after really many QSOs.

> It was also a great pleasure to present Claudia K2LEO (YL of IK1PMR) with
> BARTG QCA and European award certificates (20m) which were gained when she
> entered the BARTG Spring contest as 9H3LEO. I was also able to present
> Andrea IK1PMR with similar certificates for 40m.
> Well done to you both.

TNX again Phil, to you and to BARTG. It was a real surprise for Claudia, as
you can see from the pictures. She didn't know anything and she was curious
to read the awards and letter!
  It was a great contest for us from Malta, low power and simple antennas
but big pileups sometimes from 9H. Also, our first RTTY contest outside
Italy and with two radios (+ filters). For sure we'll go somewhere again
soon, maybe as a M/S next time.
  I thought 20m was the best starting point for a novice, 40m is always too
crowded on RTTY contests, and 80m was difficult for our antenna conditions.
So Claudia was on 20m as 9H3LEO and I operated 40m as 9H3MR for last BARTG
... next one could be different, we have enough portable hardware for a M/S

> The weather was a little warm for us that aren't used to it! Temperatures
> reached 35C (or maybe a little more!), which was bad enough, but the
> humidity was up around 95 - 100% and that made it very tiring, and also
> difficult to sleep.

Yes. Organization was perfect, but wx was not normal for DL!
It is hard to improve such nice event, I could only suggest to reserve
outside seats for next gathering if possible or meet one hour later, in case
the wx is so humid it could help a bit. But everything was perfect, really a
nice place for our meeting, close to Ham Radio, good food (and beers of
course) and not expensive.

> Now I will recover a little and then be ready to have some fun in the
> contest this weekend! I hope to see you all there.

Yes, PSE look for IK1PMR (+ K2LEO as a Multi Op. probably - if everything
works here).
I want to test my two K2s with filters, sw and network in a M/S + SO2R setup
(very low power as always from home).

Andrea IK1PMR

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