[RTTY] Earthquake on Vanuato

Dick Kriss, AA5VU aa5vu at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 7 13:44:00 EST 2006

> This morning I heard on the new that there was an earthquake on Vanuato.  No
> work of any injuries.  Gee I pray everyone is ok.  Any word?  Is station
> op(s) ok?
> 73 Art W2NRA 

Based on recent AR-Cluster spots it looks like they are okay.  Still working
em as fast as they can at 1840z

Dick AA5VU

AA5VU de AB5K-2    07-Mar 1840Z  arc >
  1823.5  YJ0ADX      07-Mar-2006 1835Z  dwn3.                     YJ
  3503.0  YJ0ADX      07-Mar-2006 1831Z  up2 via DL9NDS            YJ
  3502.9  YJ0ADX      07-Mar-2006 1809Z  579, but zilch on 160     YJ
  3502.9  YJ0ADX      07-Mar-2006 1806Z                            YJ

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