[RTTY] QTC Success !

James C. Hall, MD heartdoc at nwtcc.com
Fri Nov 9 20:49:42 EST 2007

Hi All:


OK, I admit it - I'm excited. I had my first successful QTC exchange with
Z36OM. After a routine QSO, he asked if I would like QTCS, and I sucked it
up and pushed CNTL-Z and sent the 'I am QRV' exchange. The conditions were
marginal for this and I knew it, but I thought, what the heck - something
new to try ! Then he sent 10 QTC at me and I was clicking on each one to
populate the QTC matrix. Unfortunately, Z36OM got hammered by another EU
station. He was very patient and repeated everything. There was still a LOT
of red in my matrix and I asked for a repeat of everything. I felt that I
was holding him up, but he came right back and this time much clearer. I was
missing one callsign on #10 and I asked to repeat just that one. Again he
came right back with the info. I still had some red, but I knew I had the
information, so, after a 'pregnant pause', I came back that I received all
QTC. He confirmed and moved on.


Now I had to clean up the matrix. Many times when I clicked on a QTC, it did
not transfer the time correctly - one missing leading 0. After correcting
the times and that last callsign, all was in the black. Into the log it went
and all was good !!! Yes !!


Thanks Z36OM for your patience. The conditions may improve and I'll try some
more of this.


73, Jamie


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