[RTTY] Help

John Klim, N3KHK n3khk_john at verizon.net
Fri Nov 9 21:04:38 EST 2007



In MMTTY, I can see the XY graph no problems.  I have made 2 QSO on RTTY.
HOWEVER, no spectrum and the waterfall display. I rechecked the MicroHAM
N1MM configuration and everything is correct.


Any suggestions on what I should try.


Thanks in advance.


BTW, the last RTTY contest everything worked with NO problems including the




Mr. John R. Klim II


Grid:  FM19na

QSL LOTW-Bureau- direct

As a courtesy, I upload to eQSL but if you use that - also pls upload to
LOTW or hard card.

ARRL LM-0008416263, AMSAT  LM-2187,  QRPARCI  #10392,  FISTS  # 5015,  MQFD

10-X Life Member  # 68135,  Springbok Chapter  # 1874,  Chesapeake Bay
Chapter  # 549




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