[RTTY] PK232 start-up probs

Phil Sussman psussman at pactor.com
Mon Nov 19 11:07:54 EST 2007

As I recall, the XP program does not offer a true COM port. Also,
the speed of the computer may be too fast. Do you have an older 
DOS capable computer available? If so, then it might be a better

My own XP's do not work on COM ports worth a darn. I had to start
over and create a separate DOS partition first and then load XP.
Even then I use a program (in the DOS partition) called MOSLOW
to get my PK232 to work at all.



Quoting Ted Boerkamp <tboerkamp at cogeco.ca>:

> Hello Everyone,
> 			I figured this should be the best place to get
> good insite on a problem I am having with a PK232 TNC.
> I have purchased a used PK232 and I am having problems getting it
> working. First, I noticed that the battery backup clip for the 
> 3 - AA batteries is missing from the top cover. I believe the unit
> can still work without this (please let me know if I am wrong).
> When I go to power on the unit, I get the four left most LEDs coming
> on solid and staying on. The tuning indicator and DCD LED appear to
> be working. I followed the manual and put a jumper on JP4 from pin1 to 2
> and set up the computer comport as indicated (1200, 7 N 1). Opening
> hyperterminal (I am using XP Pro on the computer) I get nothing from the
> TNC..No autobaud message...nothing! even after hitting the * a number of
> times...no response. Do I have a lemon for a unit here or am I missing
> something??. Any comments are welcome.
> Thanks
> Ted VE3SS
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