[RTTY] PK232 start-up probs

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 19 17:19:32 EST 2007

Hi Ted,

Running one here with XP - not a problem. 

If you do not have a battery I believe you must use the auto-start routine
every time after the unit has been switched off. So for now, I would leave
any jumpers in default position, do a reset by pulling the battery (go have
a coffee) and then connecting it back. (Or however your unit is reset).

To test - stay with the Hyperterminal program. Create a profile and name it
'Test' and make sure the connect to is the physical port the unit is
connected too. I believe you can use pseudo ports like those used with USB >
serial, but have not verified it on my system.

Try using 9600 baud with N,8,1 protocol and start dropping the speed back
after each try.

Once you verify you have communications with hyperterminal then it is safe
to test with any radio program. 

73 Eric - VE3GSI

> -----Original Message-----
> From:  Ted Boerkamp
> Subject: [RTTY] PK232 start-up probs
> Hello Everyone,
> 			I figured this should be the best place to get
> good insite on a problem I am having with a PK232 TNC.
> I have purchased a used PK232 and I am having problems 
> getting it working. First, I noticed that the battery backup 
> clip for the 
> 3 - AA batteries is missing from the top cover. I believe the 
> unit can still work without this (please let me know if I am 
> wrong). When I go to power on the unit, I get the four left 
> most LEDs coming on solid and staying on. The tuning 
> indicator and DCD LED appear to be working. I followed the 
> manual and put a jumper on JP4 from pin1 to 2 and set up the 
> computer comport as indicated (1200, 7 N 1). Opening 
> hyperterminal (I am using XP Pro on the computer) I get 
> nothing from the TNC..No autobaud message...nothing! even 
> after hitting the * a number of times...no response. Do I 
> have a lemon for a unit here or am I missing something??. Any 
> comments are welcome. Thanks
> Ted VE3SS

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