[RTTY] Use of Oscilloscope In RTTY

John MacFarlane John.MacFarlane at metrovancouver.org
Thu Nov 29 12:20:49 EST 2007

Are 'hardware' oscilloscopes commonly used these days for tuning and
monitoring RTTY signals - is it essential or nice to have? I know that
some software has a proxy scope that can be displayed on a computer
screen but from time to time I see references to the use of test


Is a piece of hardware 'better' for tuning-in a signal than doing it by
eye on the computer screen - or relying on a software scope?


How is the oscilloscope actually connected to the system to monitor the
signal - is it a 'hard' connections? I'm a relatively new ham so please
don't take knowledge for granted in response - many thanks 73



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