[RTTY] Writelog/Microham Interfacer III

JOHN HEADLEY w0kxz at brookings.net
Sat Jan 23 10:35:00 PST 2010

My old computer crashed and died so acquired a new (refurb) Dell with
windows 7.

Had to start from scratch with MMTTY and Writelog.   And of course no serial

on the new machine.  So I picked up a Microham Interfacer III.   Have MMTTY
running just

fine and the Plug in installed and working in Writelog.  However I only get

mark tone when I key the "TX" button on the "RTTY CONTROL  PANEL"  No FSK.

Also the "F-Keys don't do anything unless I hit "TYPE" and then they produce

A mark tone but again no shift.  I have been through AA5AU's trouble

Guide on The plug in and all looks right.  The rig talks to the bandmap and

the tuning on the rig but no stations show up from my telnet connection that

I  have always used.  The stations show on the packet window however but not

The bandmap window.  I don't think this is a related problem (?)  De Jack

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