[RTTY] Dashes in Contest Reports

B. Smith billn3xl at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 25 05:57:09 PST 2010

There was comment in a thread awhile back about a dash being an easier/faster decode than a space and recommended using it in place of a space to improve the data transmission. My preference has always been to use a space, because my signal reports seem to get through just fine and I prefer the way it looks. I'm glad this pleases writelog users - but I must say N1MM picks out the number amidst the dashes just fine - fyi.


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  I agree. The other thing that is quite annoying is for the
extremists among us who just return with  "152"  and that's it.
I don't like heavily populated macros, but that is just plain stupid.

  There is another one,  the 10 line feeds after sending their
report!!  Chasing it up the screen is impossible, because you
cannot scroll up enough! Is that a deliberate contesting tactic? ;-)

It was nice to see some JAs and ZLs on though, just wish I had
more time to operate. 

73 de Roger, G3LDI  Chairman BARTG  O:-)

Dick Kriss wrote:
> One very annoying observation in the BARTG SPRINT contest
> was a number of operators that would send their serial numbers
> separated by dashes.  They would send <call> 214-214 <call>
> that was easy to see on the screen but hard to mouse select
> and log the report.  When I would see a report with a dash, I
> found it easier to just type in the report.  There we some that
> did both <call> 214 214-214 <call> and that helped.
> Can someone explain why so many operators feel they need to
> separate the report with a dash rather than a space?
> 73 Dick AA5VU
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