[RTTY] Dashes in Contest Reports

Stein Roar LA6FJA-K3RAG s-roabr at online.no
Mon Jan 25 09:24:20 PST 2010


I am a fan of using dash between serial number, so if I had QRM or QSB it helps for me to receive acutally the correct number..
f.ex. I see 599*lkljk124*kjj12 I dont know what it is.. but if I see 599-124-124 I can fast confirm what is correct number.

So if I see a report seperated with dash I know what is the correct number I going to punch into the log.

I am not a fan of using the mouse to click the call or serialnumber, I do like to use the keyboard, but this depends on what the ops are into.

The worst I seen past 2 yrs is this guys which just sends their call and RST + Serial to reply to your CQ... how can you know who they are calling or sending RST to ?

73 LA6FJA Rag

> From: Dick Kriss [aa5vu at arrl.net]
> Sent: 2010-01-25 14:24:27 CET
> To: RTTY Reflector [rtty at contesting.com]
> Subject: [RTTY] Dashes in Contest Reports
> One very annoying observation in the BARTG SPRINT contest
> was a number of operators that would send their serial numbers
> separated by dashes.   They would send <call> 214-214 <call>
> that was easy to see on the screen but hard to mouse select
> and log the report.  When I would see a report with a dash, I
> found it easier to just type in the report.  There we some that
> did both <call> 214 214-214 <call> and that helped.
> Can someone explain why so many operators feel they need to
> separate the report with a dash rather than a space?
> 73 Dick AA5VU
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