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Fabi, amen, I come from a badot background from 26 plus years in the Navy. There wern't any points for not getting the message  through. When we prepared the rtty message tapes for transmission we used "figs" and "unshift" on every set of numbers, even consecutive sets. It seemed to help, as under difficult h.f. path conditions you could tell who was doing that and who was not.

73, Lou, W0QQG

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MO I wouldn't want to part from traditional rtty contest format and I don't 
hink this is what the hole thread is about; after all this discussion started 
rom a dash no dash argument that in my view is quite minor as opposed to many 
nefficient macros I come across during contest, but we all need those points 
nd they're more than welcome in my book. I don't have a problem with dashes no 
atter what. I would welcome the opportunity to try something new like HS rtty 
nd see how we like it. For the rest I wouldn't change  a thing to the way we 
ave fun during the regular rtty contests. I love them all!!
73, Fabi va2up  

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 One thing to keep in mind with a pair of 250hz filters is that if the 
assbands arent perfectly aligned, you get less than 250hz, and I've seen these 
ilters be as much as 100hz off spec.
 I cant understand the logic of running ASCII vs. BAUDOT. That's 2 extra bits 
er character without considering shifts. Running higher speed and extra bits 
lso brings increased chances for errors on weak signals.
 If we are going to do that, we'd be much better off running PSK at double 
peed, which isnt a bad idea anyway...
 Ty K3MM
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