[RTTY] High Speed RTTY again

Fabi va2up va2up at live.ca
Fri Jan 29 19:09:46 PST 2010

IMO I wouldn't want to part from traditional rtty contest format and I don't think this is what the hole thread is about; after all this discussion started from a dash no dash argument that in my view is quite minor as opposed to many inefficient macros I come across during contest, but we all need those points and they're more than welcome in my book. I don't have a problem with dashes no matter what. I would welcome the opportunity to try something new like HS rtty and see how we like it. For the rest I wouldn't change  a thing to the way we have fun during the regular rtty contests. I love them all!!


73, Fabi va2up  
> Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 19:33:34 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [RTTY] High Speed RTTY again
> One thing to keep in mind with a pair of 250hz filters is that if the passbands arent perfectly aligned, you get less than 250hz, and I've seen these filters be as much as 100hz off spec.
> I cant understand the logic of running ASCII vs. BAUDOT. That's 2 extra bits per character without considering shifts. Running higher speed and extra bits also brings increased chances for errors on weak signals.
> If we are going to do that, we'd be much better off running PSK at double speed, which isnt a bad idea anyway...
> Ty K3MM
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