Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Sat Jul 10 07:57:25 PDT 2010


If you are using the N1MM Logger/MMTTY combination, you don't need to 
worry about this. In this setup, N1MM handles the radio control, so it 
doesn't matter whether MMTTY supports the radio or not. The only 
functions MMTTY controls in this configuration are the sound card, FSK 
keying, and hardware PTT, and none of these depends on the specific 
radio model.

N1MM Logger has supported the FTDX-5000 since version 10.3.6 .

If you want to use MMTTY stand-alone and you want to use its rudimentary 
radio control features (Option > Setup > TX Tab > Radio command button), 
I'd suggest that you try the Kenwood, Elecraft setting in the Radio 
command window - I believe (subject to correction, of course) that 
recent Yaesu radios (2000, 5000, 9000) use the same basic software PTT 
commands as Kenwood and Elecraft radios. When you are using MMTTY from 
within another logging program, this is unnecessary (and in fact not 
even possible), because it is the other logging program that is 
controlling the radio's software control port.

Rich VE3KI

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