[RTTY] [MMTTY] new to RTTY

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Mon Oct 18 14:40:27 PDT 2010

Right on Bill.

But, don't put the {enter} at the end of the macro.  That just makes you 
have to chase the information up the screen.

I had one station send:
K5XYZ (not real call)

Every time I'd go to click on the call, it would jump away from the mouse 
pointer.  73

> * Every line starts and ends with a space - this separates the data
>from any spurious characters from QRM or QRN.


I agree about ending every line with a space, but I and others would
prefer you start each line with an ENTER rather than a space. That
helps to prevent the line from word-wrapping right in the middle of the
exchange and thereby makes it easier to read and click on.

The rest of Iain's advice is right on.

73, Bill W6WRT 

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