[RTTY] microHAM & Kenwood TS-450s

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Sat Jul 9 08:03:55 PDT 2011

Hi David

Hold down the 'm.in' key while turning on the radio.

Check menu number 38.  It should be set to 'off' for normal FSK.

Are you using the ACC 2 jack on the back of the '450 for FSK?  You can't do 
FSK through the mic jack like you can PSK.    73


Hi  Is anyone using the microKEYER II with a Kenwood rig for RTTY?  I picked 
one up to use with a TS-450s as a dedicated digital mode rig.  I've got 
everthing working and have made a few PSK contacts but there's something 
wrong with my RTTY signal.  MMTTY is configured for FSK; the microKEYER keys 
up the rig and the rig is transmitting, but other stations only reply QRZ?? 
a couple times then continue their CQ call.  I was doing RTTY successfully 
with AFSK thru a Signalink, how would I know if I was transmitting in 
Any help or ideas

    VE3VID         Located in rural Canada

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