[RTTY] Dupes now sorted what about busted serial's

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Thanks to everyone who answered my Dupes question, It was great to get the inside view on what to do, Next problem I have is. On a few of my QSO's I didn't get the callers Serial number, be it that I just missed it and he moved on or that he kept giving it to me and I just could not decode it.
I hade the problem that was mentioned on N1MM reflector about the funny exchanges I got a few QWE and YTE ect's I logged the QSO's with 001 and after I found the issue I edited them
But what do I do with QSO's with busted serial numbers more often that not the other station has my number and is gone and im sitting there pushing buttons trying to get him to try one more time.
Do i log it with 001, 000 or not log it at all. the main problem would be what the other station does if he got my NR he is happy but how will it b e scored if its not in my log.


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This is really hard to take sometimes. I had a dupe rate of 1.7% - in this
day and age of computer logging, this seems WAY too high. There was one K4
who was about to get on my last nerve who was a dupe TWICE on one band ! And
I took the time to type him and tell him he was a dupe AGAIN ! One G3 was
quite apologetic about being a dupe and others figured it out but only after
I called them and they disappeared. If more than one is calling and one is a
dupe, I try to ignore them, but if they're persistent, I go ahead and work
them - they may have gotten, or I may have gotten, a call wrong the first

73, Jamie

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On 2/12/2012 8:02 AM, trevor dunne wrote:
> Whats the correct procedure to handle dupe in any contest but mainly 
> WPX RTTY I have a few QSO's that I thought were good but the other 
> station called me again and when I said QSO B4, I wasn't in there log, Do
I just delete the first bad QSO and log the 2nd one ???
> How does that affect my serial number count as there will be missing QSO's
in the log ???
> Thanks
> Trevor


When a dupe calls you, the best approach is to completely ignore the fact he
is a dupe and work him normally. Don't delete the previous QSO, don't try to
alter serial numbers, etc, etc. Modern log checking software (Cabrillo) will
find the dupe, ignore it and give you full credit. I always end up giving
out higher serial numbers than I have valid QSOs. In the just competerd WPX
i had 13 dupes in the log. Doesn't matter at all.

I have a macro I use when someone sends me the B4 message:


Works like a charm.

73, Bill W6WRT

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