[RTTY] Dupes, and handling them

Dick Flanagan dick at k7vc.com
Wed Feb 15 14:05:38 PST 2012

In heavy QRM situations he may not be able to copy your next SN until 
you've gone two or three past him.  When he finally does hear it again, 
he may not be able to tell exactly how far you've gone past him.  This 
happened to me once or twice last weekend, so I just logged the station 
with a 000 so he wouldn't be penalized for my error.

(Ed would prefer I not use 000 to flag these errors in my log, but I 
have a problem with using 001 simply because that is a valid SN I have 
already given to someone else.  I realize the log checking software 
wouldn't mind another 001, but....  :|  It's hell being a Virgo!)


Dick Flanagan K7VC
dick at k7vc.com

On 2/15/2012 6:59 AM, Phil Cooper wrote:
> This also begs the question as to why this repeat caller doesn't just listen
> for a minute, and then see what the next serial number I send actually is,
> and work out what I sent.

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