[RTTY] Dupes, and handling them

Ed Muns ed at w0yk.com
Wed Feb 15 14:48:01 PST 2012

Inferring you're the serial number sent to you by copying the serial number
from the subsequent QSO works most of the time, but not always.  A common
discrepancy comes from SO2R stations where serial numbers are both skipped
and duplicated, depending on the timing of QSOs between the two computers.
This is an unavoidable consequence of logging software not being clairvoyant
as to whether or not an ongoing QSO gets completed or not. 

On your experience with WriteLog X-ing out the prior QSO when you work a
dupe, I've never seen that happen.  The second QSO is marked with a D and
both QSOs go into the Cabrillo log.  

Ed - W0YK

Phil, GU0SUP, wrote
> This also begs the question as to why this repeat caller doesn't just
> listen
> for a minute, and then see what the next serial number I send actually is,
> and work out what I sent.
> Lastly, working dupes is fine by me, but I have noticed that in Writelog,
> working a dupe means that the previous QSO is marked with an X, and does
> appear to be exported in all Cabrillo files.
> I can't remember which contest it was, but when I checked post-contest, it
> was there, so I assumed it would be in any other contest. But, this does
> not
> appear to be the case.
> I had a dupe in the RTTY Roundup, and that first contact did not show up
> in
> the resulting Cabrillo.
> Maybe someone else can confirm this happens to someone other than me?

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