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Yes, I tried ALL option with my FT920 and MMTTY, Writelog w/MMTTY ....and
used DATA LSB(FSK) and FSK switch to FSK... 

In AFSK it was ok, but there seems to be low modulation..
I don't like the AFSK Scoop in Writelog... 
FSK with MMTTY plugin is ONLY option for me to operate RTTY! Since I purcaed
the the new FT-920 cable from microham last week.... it seems waste of

The radio diddles and I can see the high and low tones on my decode...but no
chance to copy it even parameter 2125, 170hz, REV or NOR with FT-920... it
can't be decoded...somehow.. I tried dual decoder in 2nd pc with one REV and
one Normal..

It can be something wrong with the output on the FT920 ??? like WW3S said:
" I use a FT-920 with an original Microkeyer when in VP9....it works, but
it's a bear to setup.....first off, transmit the whole alphabet, and see if
you can copy any of the letters...if you can copy half of them,but not the
other, good chance ther pullup resistor in the 920 went bad....I'm not sure
about the MKII, but with my microkeyer, I had to open the cable up and short
2 pins together, that cured it, W4TV could probably tell you if the same
thing with work with a MKII.....but try typing and transmitting the whole
alphabet string, and see what gets decoded in the other rig....I think in my
case, all the missing characters ended in a space, and that bad pullup
resistor was causing trouble..."

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There is nothing difficult about using FSK with the FT-920 as long as you
read and study the manual carefully.  Yaesu also released an Application
Note "Expanded Digital Mode Operating Instructions" - AN97xx.  By searching
Google for "Yaesu AN-97xx FT-920"  I found it
here: http://www.kb2ljj.com/data/yaesu/ft-920.htm and here:

The key to using the FT-920 is understanding the difference between DATA LSB
(FSK) and DATA USB (AFSK), setting the FSK/AFSK switch correctly on the rear
panel and making the proper menu settings (e.g.


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 5/9/2012 1:53 AM, Stein-Roar Brobakken wrote:
> Hi
> Is there anyone out which have used FT-920 with FSK RTTY?
> I got a FT920 in shack to test for RTTY.
> I have tried to setup mine with a microHAM MKII..switched the radio to 
> FSK and standard settings..2125 , 170 and also tried with setup in MMTTY..
> But I am not able to copy my sent RTTY at the other end...
> I do see the two spaced tones, but it's not quality RTTY and not able 
> to decode it with another transceiver.. and I can either work any QSO 
> :(
> Any suggestions????
> 73s LA6FJA Rag
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