[RTTY] The Case for QYF (was We Need a New Strategy)

Richard Ferch ve3iay at storm.ca
Sun May 13 08:41:42 PDT 2012


If, as you state, "Jamming the DX's CQ frequency is pointless because 
99% of the time nobody is listening there", then it would be equally the 
case that if you don't have dual receive, listening to the DX's CQ 
frequency is pointless because 99% of the time the DX is not 
transmitting there, and your chances of actually hearing them if and 
when you do listen there are remote.

This means that the easiest strategy for many ops would be to send their 
call sign 3 times, wait 1-2 seconds and repeat endlessly 24/7, until the 
DX finally works them or the DXpedition packs up and goes home. If the 
DX is almost never on the DX frequency, most of the pileup would have 
little way of knowing when or if the DX changes bands or goes QRT 
(assuming the DXpedition is multi-op, so a cluster spot on another band 
does not mean that they are not still on your band).

There are only 300 250-Hz wide "channels" between 14075 kHz and 14150 
kHz. It is simply not possible for everyone who wants to work the DX to 
find their own clear frequency. Many amateurs feel pileups are already 
too wide; deliberately encouraging pileups to occupy even more of the 
band is not likely to be well-received.

If the kilocycle kops can't get their kicks by transmitting on the DX 
frequency, do you really think they will just slink away quietly? Isn't 
it equally likely they will find another way to be obnoxious, perhaps 
one that will be even worse?

Beware of the law of unintended consequences!

Rich VE3KI

W6WRT wrote:

> Chen has good points below, but there are good counter-points too. I call this
> style of operating QYF, meaning "answer my CQ on a different frequency and I
> will work you there".  YF = Your Frequency
> 1. Chen says not everyone has two receivers. Well, you don't need two
> receivers, just VFO A and VFO B. Use VFO A on his CQ frequency and call him
> (and listen for him) on VFO B. This is NOT split - just simplex on VFO B and
> you can do it even with ancient equipment without dual VFOs. Just turn the knob
> as needed.
> 2. Chen worries that you don't know when to stop calling. You stop calling when
> he works you or you give up. Just like now.
> 3.  One HUGE advantage to operating QYF is it encourages everyone to find a
> clear frequency to call the DX instead of piling up on the frequency of the
> last station. Think about this from the DX point of view - everyone will be
> spread out instead of a hundred stations on one frequency!  Because you are
> listening on your own transmit frequency, you are MUCH less likely to QRM
> another station and vice versa. The way it is now, most stations call blindly
> because they are not listening on their own frequency. That would change.
> 4. But perhaps the BIGGEST advantage is that QYF foils the jammers and the
> Kilocycle Kops. They would have no idea where the DX is actually operating
> because it changes with every QSO. By the time the jammer finds the QSO
> frequency, the QSO is over and the DX is on another frequency.  Jamming the
> DX's CQ frequency is pointless because 99% of the time nobody is listening
> there and jamming there does not interfere with actual QSOs. When the pile
> starts to thin out, the DX goes back to the CQ frequency and sends a short CQ
> CQ QYF QYF de X1XXX K and then he's gone again.
> 5.  Anything is better than the mess we have now.   :-)
> Comments?
> 73, Bill W6WRT

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