[RTTY] Change in pileup procedure?

Steve IK4WMH ik4wmh at virgilio.it
Wed Feb 5 10:34:03 EST 2014

Hello Bill,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014, 1:50:05 PM, you wrote:

BT> Spread out more. We often jam ourselves into a few kHz, when we
BT> have the entire RTTY sub band available.

If your radio has a narrow 250 Hz filter you can probably accomodate 4
strong signals per kHz.

If a DXpedition is going to use your RTTY sub band entirely on 20m,
say from 14080 to 14150, you have 4 signals for 70 kHz resulting a
total of 280 channels in the clear.


- wiping out an entire band theoretically gives you no more than 280
free spots while the callers are many, many more;

- the DX signal is usually much weaker than the callers, finding a
clear spot between all the strong and *wide* signals I often hear
could be very difficult;

- in my country and many other countries the SSB starts at 14101
instead of 14150 as in the USA so the DXpeditioner must be aware of
many local band plans;

- a lot of criticism is heard from those not interested in DXing when
a big DXpedition uses a large portion of the band thus preventing them
from having regular QSOs...suggesting to use the entire sub band will
make more people angry;

- sometimes you may think your frequency is clear while it is already
in use by a station that you can't hear due to the skip so you keep
calling and calling with no chance of being printed by the DXpedition;

BT> Keep in mind the four main advantages you would be gaining:

BT> 1. No interference from jammers on the DX frequency.

No need for jammers to play havoc on the DX frequency, most of the
time we would find ourselves jamming each other.

BT> I think it's worth a try.

I am not sure it would be the best solution.

Steve IK4WMH

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