[RTTY] Amateur Radio Teletype Society Bulletins online & great new Jim Ha...

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Sun Feb 23 21:26:17 EST 2014

On 2/23/2014 6:19 PM, Phil Sussman wrote:
> Regrettably I agree with John. I say regrettably because I
> have unfortunately learned the 'price' of dealing with
> Facebook. They reap and harvest EVERYTHING and I mean
> EVERYTHING. Talk about 'big-brother', Facebook puts that
> analogy to shame. I discovered every bit of info they glean
> is theirs -- never to be destroyed -- just surrendered to the
> highest bidder -- or rather EVERY bidder.
> Caution: Woe to any college student on Facebook seeking a job.
> Boxers or briefs -- they know -- and much much more.
> 73 de Phil - N8PS

If you don't like any site checking up on you, look at this site.  I use 
it here.



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