[RTTY] 2Tone text window not showing

Dave Hachadorian k6ll.dave at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 17:45:47 EST 2014

This happened to me after installing the most recent N1MM update. 
After doing the 800 x 600 trick, and relocating the window, I 
switched back to native resolution.  The next time I started 
N1MM, all was ok.  I think tomorrow's N1MM update is going to 
make some more changes to the way the 2Tone/MMTTY windows start. 
The guys on the N1MM Reflector probably know what's up.

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ

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Hi guys,

I have a problem finding the 2Tone Text Window on my Quad  Core, 
Windows 7
Pro, CPU with 24" LED monitor.

I'm running 2Tone along with MMTTY and N1MM Logger.  When  I 
"Digital" or RTTY in N1MM Logger, both MMTTY windows 
automatically  appear on
screen, and the main 2Tone window appears, but the 2Tone Text 
Window  does not
appear anywhere on the screen, and it's not buried beneath 
anything.  Clicking
the 2Tone icon located on the lower task bar  does not bring up 
the 2Tone
text window.  (as someone once told me it  would)

The only way I'm able to display the 2Tone text window is  to 
select the
N1MM Logger: Config/Show All Windows 800x600".  Doing  this 
everything on my screen which requires time to re-organize 
everything, but then I
finally find the 2Tone Text Window.

I believe most people have their 2Tone text  window show 
automatically.  A
friend just installed 2Tone and is  having the same problem as 
me, so I'm
not alone.  Please advise what we're doing wrong?


Dick- K9OM

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