[RTTY] Roundup observations - a bit long!

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 6 17:08:27 EST 2014

Phil wrote:

"There were very few UA's around, and I only saw - and worked ONE solitary UA9. Not sure why."

I didn't work a single UA0 or UA9. I could have used the multiplier (thanks for GU Phil). I did have a UA0 call me late in the
contest on 20M but I just couldn't pull him out. It was either UA0C or UA0C-something else. I tried very hard but just couldn't make

The overall appearance of a lack of DX in the Roundup still amazes me. If this had been WPX or CQWW, 10 and 15 meters would have
been wall-to-wall Europe starting here at 1300Z and probably going well past 2000Z with the high flux we had. That doesn't happen in
Roundup. Or least that doesn't happen here during Roundup.

Maybe P49X and VA2UP have a different opinions on this. I just don't know.

Or maybe it was just ten meters. I was expecting more and definitely got less. Because this is a rate contest, when 10 meters is
marginal, there's really no reason to go there. But when conditions are "suppose" to be good, everyone is "suppose" to be on ten
meters. Perhaps many didn't get the memo.

73, Don AA5AU

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