[RTTY] XP Support going QRT

Martin Berube ve2nmb at gmail.com
Tue Jan 7 13:03:53 EST 2014

Hi Ken,

What this mean is that starting in april, all new security vulnerabilities
found will not be patched in XP.   Personally, what I would do is to keep
these machine away from any network especially if they have internet
connectivity.  If not possible, at least do not do any internet browsing
with them. Also keep them behind a firewall so no one can access the XP
machine from remote.  Telnet access to dxcluster should be ok.

73, Martin VE2NMB

2014/1/7 Ken Eigsti <diverken at chaffee.net>

> Hi Guys
> I think there are a lot of XP OS out there with RTTYers and as of 4-8-14
> the support from Microsoft ends.
> Question is: What are you going to do?
> I have several Dell laptops (each has serial port) and I use only for RTTY
> and they are networked and work well. I only use them for RTTY contesting
> (SO2R and M/S)  so the only exposure to the Internet is via TELNET. I don't
> think these old Dells would support Windows 7 very well so I am not
> contemplating an upgrade to Win 7..
> If my only exposure is to Telnet via DX Clusters do I have to worry about
> Virus, Malware et al.??
> Are Telnet connections safe from virus? I use WL for contesting software.
> There will be no "security" patch updates, but would it be possible to just
> keep on diddling with XP?
> I am not very computer literate and apologize if these questions are too
> elementary.
> Any help appreciated.
> 73 Ken W0LSD
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