[RTTY] Multi-Single Roundup Rules

Jay WS7I ws7ik7tj at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 09:53:10 EST 2014

On 1/8/2014 7:06 PM, Don Hill AA5AU wrote:

>What is involved in lobbying the ARRL to change the rule to the one used in Sweepstakes where "Multioperator stations have no
limitations on band changes"?

Standard method is to talk to your Division Director, get three convinced.  Other method is to talk to your CAC. However that is not nearly as effective as method number one.

> I will not be spearheading an effort to get the rule changed since I don't have a dog in this fight, but I will be supporting any
effort to have the rule changed in order for multi-single station operators to have more fun in the Roundup and to make it more
enjoyable to those operators.

Odd, I hear from both sides on this subject and I would say that most that enter M/S like it as it currently is conducted. Really adding a M2 would appear to be of more benefit. Just like SO6R it is a matter much more of antennas. That is exactly why K5DJ and I added M2 to RTTY WPX when we did those rules.

This M/S rule is the standard for most ARRL Contests and the 6-changes is part of the Rules for under 30 Mhz.  SS seems to be an exception, but it also only allows one contact so is quite a different animal.

All RTTY contests in the beginning were unlimited band changes, but of course then you have the octopus.  I wouldn't mind seeing a return to this style. Hal and I had great success back in the day with that style.

I of course will also not be spearheading and changes as I certainly have no dog in the fight these days.

  >Jay, was this one your original rules for Roundup? Maybe you can explain why it is like this in the first place.

No it was not in fact M/S wasn't even in the original rules, but then 
again neither was High Power Single Operator.  Rules change over time.  
This is the standard ARRL rule and is in place and has been for ages.

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