[RTTY] ARRL board of Directors meeting this week

Ron Kolarik rkolarik at neb.rr.com
Mon Jan 13 21:48:24 EST 2014

Actually I would like to see this silliness from ARRL stop once and for all.
The petition was introduced by one director, approved by a committee
of 5, of which the director was one, with no input from the outside. I don't
know if you were around for episode 1 of this but this may help understand
why everyone is upset. http://www.zerobeat.net/bandplan-dissent.html
Same tune different year. There are good recommendations in the article
that would be worth persuing.

I wouldn't be too sure the petition is a slam dunk for ARRL.


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> I've kept my mouth shut because I'm a fairly new subscriber to the list, and my own views on the subject probably wouldn't be 
> particularly popular here....but I've never been that successful at self-censorship.  So, here's my $0.02 worth.
> Something that you might want to consider, even though it's late in the game.... if the League were on the level about wanting to 
> remove the symbol rate limitation (without giving license to spectrum-consuming attempts at HF broadband) while otherwise 
> maintaining the status quo, perhaps they would be agreeable to a tweak to the proposal:
> In my comments to the FCC, I suggested that it would be less disruptive to authorize 2.8kHz ONLY for the automated subbands and 
> above.  Below the Pactor playgrounds, it would be reasonable and somewhat in keeping with current practices to set the bandwidth 
> limit at 500Hz.

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