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then just use a REAL old  copy!
ms office 2000   with the added  docx  filter   works  great!
on windows  7! I use the  word and the excell.
if all you have is  your upgrade copy and it hollers  for the  orig office 
97 to upgrade from just  point it back at the cd  drive  and whammo it  
installs. because of  course    you do  not have your old  office 97 on a win 7 
machine  it was on the  machine  you  trashed!
Ed Sharpe archivist  for smecc
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The  problem he will run into with an older version of Microsoft Office is  
that, although it might be able to run in Compatibility Mode, it is  
unsupported by Microsoft and he will not be able to *activate* it after  
installing it under Win 7 or 8, so it will "expire" after a limited number  
of launches.  Ran into this at my office... although we had over 120  
of Office Basic 2003 that came with the XP computers we had to  replace 
(medical clinic: XP is not HIPAA compliant now that it's  unsupported), 
can't be activated on the new Win 7 computers, so we  have to buy new 
versions for all those machines!

George,  KA3HSW

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> Hi Phil:
> You've gotten some good  responses already. I'll just chime in a little 
> computers are part  of my professional life. I tend to build my own 
> machines and I use  Win7, not Win8. I am hearing that Win8 will probably 
> down as the  Vista of our time. Ouch !
> You must have a multi-multi station  to require 3 computers in your 
> I run SO2R with one computer  and multiple monitors. Three printers ? 
> Really ? Get a nice printer  and put it on your network and share it. You 
> can do this  wirelessly.
> You didn't mention what (old) software you are  using but even if it's 
> Office 97, you can still use it in  compatibility mode. I wouldn't - but 
> you can. I use Office 2010.  Others have mentioned the freely 
> Open Office and there  is Office Libre (I think it's called). All are 
> compatible with  all the usual formats.
> 73, Jamie

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